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Friday's fabulous finds - Children's Wallpaper & Paint
For today's 'Friday's fabulous finds' we bring you.... children's wallpaper and paint ideas! Decorating a baby's nursery or a child's bedroom or playroom is great fun, but it can be difficult to know which colours and patterns to go for - bold, pastels, modern, vintage... so many options! Here are a few ideas which we hope will provide a little inspiration if you're thinking of getting handy with a paintbrush or some wallpaper paste. Luckily our children's animal wall art prints will go perfectly with any chosen scheme!

Original image above by The Nursery Paint Company, adapted by Little Blue Zebra.

1. Purdy's Pink - Nursery Paint Company £33 for 2.5l
2. Wood Wall Mural - Mr Perswall  £27/m2
3. Distant Shores Wallpaper - Harlequin £29
4. Designers Guild - Daisy Patch £30
5. Family Tree Wallpaper €67.50

Happy Friday everyone! x