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Beano Town
Earlier this week Oliver and I took a trip up to London. I am always so amazed at how much there is going on for little ones. We took our usual stroll along the Southbank and stumbled upon Beano Town. It is a free exhibition celebrating 75 years of the country's favourite comic. Needless to say Oliver was very excited to get involved in the all the activities they had going on.

And it seems the fun doesn't stop there on the Southbank as there are lots of other events and activities taking place. So if you're looking for something to entertain children this summer it seems the Southbank is the place to be!

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Children's outdoor toys
The sun is shining and the schools are breaking up for the summer holidays! We (just about) recall that feeling you have as a child at the start of the holidays - the excitement of weeks of seemingly endless freedom stretching out in front of you. What we didn't appreciate then, but are quickly coming to realise now, is that the holidays can send parents into a bit of a panic...what will keep the little ones occupied and happy instead? Thank goodness for Google - something our parents weren't able to rely upon. Since the sun looks set to stick around for a little while (and we hope we're not jinxing it by typing these words), we thought we would share ten fun looking outdoor toys that we've come across. These look like they would keep little ones entertained in the garden for a few hours at least...

Happy holidays everyone x