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A Kaleidoscope of Colours...

I have always been interested in colour. I have a very vivid memory of visiting an art exhibition in France as a child. Part of the exhibition saw an area of the gallery floor covered in a deep blue pigment. It was incredibly tempting to jump right in and see the colour explode across the white walls, but (thankfully for my parents!) I managed to refrain from turning the exhibition into an interactive one!

Research has shown that colours affect your mood, behaviour and stress levels. It suggests that we should set our desktop colours to green as this is the most restful colour for our eyes and produces the least amount of eye strain.

And, who knew that colour can also help in the reduction of crime? In 2000, Glasgow installed blue street lighting in certain neighbourhoods and found a reduction in crime in these areas. Powerful stuff!

A while back I read this book all about the history of colour and how paints came to be invented, traded and used.

It seems that we have been fascinated in creating and mixing colours for hundreds of years.

I came across this


 about a Dutch artist who in 1692 wrote and painted a comprehensive guide about the use of colour and how to create certain hues. I love the colour combinations and may have to use them as inspiration for our next set of prints - watch this space...!