Porcupine pasta - cooking with kids

Ideas for cooking with children

My lovely boys are always so keen to 'help' me when I'm cooking and, as much as I try my best to let them join in and help, it is always a bit of a struggle to find something which they can actually help with - something that isn't too hot or too sharp!

Well, we recently invented a new dish that Oliver has named 'Porcupine Pasta'. We had intended to make lasagne only to discover that we had run out of lasagne sheets. So instead we improvised with the only pasta we had left in the cupboard - Rigatoni! As it turned out, it was the perfect dish for them to help with. We poured the sauce into the bottom of the dish and then the boys stuck all the rigatoni pasta into it so that they were sticking out like porcupine spikes! Then we covered the pasta with a white sauce, sprinkled it with cheese and baked it in the oven. Preparing the dish kept them entertained and they were actually able to be helpful in the process! Best of all, they loved tucking into it!

Talking of porcupines, here is the gorgeous little one from John Butler's best selling book 'If You See A Kitten'. You can see more of our lovely little animals here!

Happy Friday everyone