Friday's fun fact - Voles venturing out

Rearrange their name and you find 'love'. But did you know that some species of vole will trek huge distances in their quest to find a mate? Despite being only the size of a hamster, water voles in Scotland have been found to travel up to 15km (9 miles), crossing unsuitable habitats and dodging predators along the way. When they reach a suitable patch, they sometimes spend three or four days there looking and waiting for a partner. If they're unlucky in love in that patch they will set off again on their journey. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen who tracked the journeys of these furry little creatures over 13 years were astounded when they discovered the distances they will travel. Their findings could not only prove valuable for the conservation of the charismatic water vole, but other species with similar population structures as well, from small insects to tigers.

Water vole (

Happy Friday all! x