Friday's fun fact - Wonderfully woolly yaks

The weather seems to be the topic of conversation here at the moment. Not only have we just experienced the wettest June on record, it looks as though the outlook for rest of the summer isn't much better. Rain is one thing, but it's the fact that it's also been so cold for this time of year. Inevitably this has led to a daily wardrobe struggle...what to wear when one (rather fleeting) moment the sun is shining and it feels warm, and the next it's cloudy and rainy making you want to reach for a woolly jumper?

It's with woolly things in mind that I share with you today's fun fact...did you know that over 90% of the world's yak population of nearly 15 million lives on the Tibetan Plateau in the Himalayas?

(Image: Khunu)

And did you know that yak wool is softer and warmer than merino, and more durable than cashmere? So why not try wearing their wool too? If it's warm enough to keep yaks cosy in the Himalayas then it's got to be good!

Happy Friday 13th all...hope it's been a lucky one!