The World of Creatures

A while ago John was asked to do some illustrations for a range of natural and organic skincare products for children. They had seen his books and loved the style of his illustrations and thought they would work really well with their range, as they say on their website...

"As many other mums I was concerned about the chemicals in every day toiletries and spent the last few years sourcing the best ingredients from around the world to care for children’s skin. I also wanted small children to love the labels and packaging (and to look beautiful in the nursery) and worked with a children’s book illustrator to get these very real looking pictures of animals. Mums tell us their kids love talking to the little creatures on the bottles!"

My two little boys love using theirs and love seeing Grandpa's pictures at bathtime. They like the foam spray a little too much as it has nearly run out, so I will have to stock up again soon.