Friday's fun fact - Gentle giants...

Although literally thick skinned, elephants are in fact sensitive and caring animals. Did you know that elephants demonstrate concern for other family members? They take care of the weak or injured, appear to grieve and adopt other calves within the family if they are left orphaned.

This is a very cute song and video for children all about elephants (well sort of!) - The Elephant Song by Eric Herman.

Spike Milligan's 'Jumbo Jet' poem is also good fun...

I saw a little elephant standing in my garden,
I said 'You don't belong in here', he said 'I beg you pardon?',
I said 'This place is England, what are you doing here?',
He said 'Ah, then I must be lost' and then 'Oh dear, oh dear'.

'I should be back in Africa, on Saranghetti's Plain',
'Pray, where is the nearest station where I can catch a train?'.
He caught the bus to Finchley and then to Mincing Lane,
And over the Embankment, where he got lost, again.

The police they put him in a cell, but it was far too small.
So they tied him to a lampost and he slept against the wall.
But as the policemen lay sleeping by the twinkling light of dawn,
The lampost and the wall were these, but the elephant was gone!

So if you see an elephant, in a Jumbo Jet,
You can be sure that Africa's the place he's trying to get!

Happy Friday all!