Retro camping

For our summer holiday this year the plan was to borrow my parents camper and go to France for a week or two. After getting Oliver's passport sorted it transpired that the car seat didn't fit so that plan had to change. I had my heart set on going on a ferry and that is how we decided on the Isle of Wight. Ok, the ferry journey was only 40 mins but it felt like we were abroad as we were so lucky with the weather. I was also really keen to camp although the thought of being in a tent with a 6 month old wasn't so appealing. I found a great company where you could hire old airstream caravans. Ours was infact a 1951 Spartanette. It meant we had the experience of camping - waking up in a farmer's field, but with the added bonus of an oven, shower and most importantly space. We visited some great spots on the Isle and hope to go back one day - I quite fancy staying in the shack next time as the views look amazing.